Gold Hunt

I was working in a coffee shop on Good Friday and my laptop was dying. This is the plight of many a coffee shop entrepreneur. I asked the guy who was seated closest to the plug if I could sit at his table and we got to talking. He runs a marketing business, and I run a PR business. He told me that he had a great project that he needed help with. I was intrigued. He told me that some friends of his had buried $100,000 in gold and silver coins somewhere in Edmonton. At first I didn’t believe him, but he showed me a video. Ok. This was real.

I met with his client the next week, and the next thing I knew, I was doing the largest media campaign of my career. It started off with a simple news release, and while it didn’t take off right away, it sure lit on fire as time went on.

During the pre-campaign period, the spokesperson, Chris Cromwell, appeared on CTV morning live in both Calgary and Edmonton, Global Edmonton, CBC Calgary and The Calgary Star.

Once we announced that the maps were live, that’s when things took off. I got to fly to Vancouver with Chris to do a live segment on CTV Morning Live! After the launch on June 1st, we thought it would take a few days for the treasures to be found. We were wrong. The Edmonton Treasure was found in 21 hours. Chris and I were on a plane first thing in the morning. I organized my first media scrum! It was amazing!! The best part? Seeing my news release printed almost word for word in the Edmonton Journal.


There was a lull of one day before the Calgary treasure was found. I got the call, wrote the release within the hour and was in the car on my way to Calgary for another media scrum. Every major outlet in Calgary was there. It was great! The winner was a man from Edmonton who had just been denied AISH. He was such a deserving winner. It was a pleasure to meet him.


Two days later, the Vancouver treasure was found. Thank goodness that it was found so quickly, because by that point, I was burnt out. Travelling, writing and working on adrenaline reminded me of my poli sci days, and it brought back memories of intense burn out. The only problem with burnout when you’re a mom is that you don’t get to sleep in the next day. You still have to get up to parent and be present for your family!

That’s the funny thing about burnout, you feel it then you forget it. I’ll be taking on another hunt with the team. It will be exciting! Wish us luck!